The ultimate bucket list trips for unforgettable adventures

Whether your dream getaway entails an adventurous cruise, an iconic rail journey or exploring enchanting cities, we have something tailor-made for you.

What's on your bucket list of dream holidays? We always have a list in mind of trips that will transport us to the awe-inspiring locations we've seen in magazines and on social media, so we can see these mesmerising places for ourselves.

These trips take us to far-flung corners of the globe, to places we've never been to before with cultures we've never experienced. This can sometimes make planning bucket list holidays a little intimidating.

Luckily, we have a selection of trips with carefully curated activities, meticulously planned itineraries and expert guides to help make your adventures as stress-free as possible.

These holidays are perfect for checking off extraordinary destinations from your bucket list, allowing you to encounter exotic wildlife, traverse spectacular landscapes and enjoy new cultures around the world.

So, to help you plan your next dream holiday, here's some of the most amazing ideas for this year and next, from seeing the cherry blossom in full bloom in Japan, to witnessing wildlife in the rainforests of Costa Rica.


Japan is on many people's bucket lists, and for good reason. It offers a unique blend of ancient and modern and is home to countless natural wonders and cultural highlights. Visitors love discovering tranquil temples and picturesque old towns alongside the bright lights and technical innovations of ultra-modern cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

We have a fantastic 17-day cruise of Japan at the height of its cherry blossom season. Each spring, millions of Japanese residents and visitors wait with anticipation for the first buds of the pink cherry blossom - known as Sakura. This two-week cruise will show you the best of Tokyo, Osaka, Kagoshima and even Busan in South Korea, all while the papery pink blossoms are at their best.

Alternatively, see a side of Japan that tourists often miss on our 13-day tour of the Japanese Alps between Tokyo and Osaka. This tour will take you to lesser-visited spots like Shirakawago, Takayama, and Kanazawa, immersing you in the local culture.


India has so many elegant cities with rich cultural and historic treasures to see. The cities of the Golden Triangle, Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, are particularly blessed with architecture and historical monuments, from the spectacular Red Fort to the Jantar Mantar observatory.

Join us for a cruise along India's most sacred river, the Ganges, and you'll start with a tour of India's Golden Triangle before setting sail on the Ganges Voyager II, a beautiful ship decorated with hand-painted murals throughout.

Of course, as well as its magnificent cities, India also boasts mesmerising nature. Another bucket list experience in India comes on our 15-day trip which takes you to the Golden Triangle and to the jungles of Ranthambore, where you'll get the chance to spot tigers in the wild, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.


A visit to the so-called 'White Continent' is an almost otherworldly experience. This is a land of jaw-dropping scenery of glaciers, icebergs, and towering mountains, home to a fascinating range of wildlife. It's only possible to travel to Antarctica on an expedition cruise with an expert team, who'll curate your itinerary to help you navigate the extreme conditions and get the most out of a truly special trip.

This is where our 15-day Antarctic adventure comes in. Join a fully-equipped expedition ship, MS Fridtjof Nansen or MS Amundsen, specially designed for navigating these polar waters. Your expedition team will tailor your activities based on the conditions, but you can look forward to ice cruises, kayaking among the icebergs, and of course, wildlife spotting. Bucket list trips hardly get more unique than this.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Flowing through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong River is one of the longest rivers in the world and is home to over 1,000 wildlife species. Embarking on a Mekong River cruise is a fantastic way to explore Cambodia and Vietnam, two countries with fascinating religious sites, turbulent histories, and fantastic food.

On our incredible 17-day river cruise you can see the highlights of the two countries, immersing yourself in diverse cultures, savouring delectable cuisine, and witnessing remarkable wildlife, including endangered Irrawaddy dolphins, giant freshwater stingrays, and massive catfish. You'll be sailing on board the luxurious Mekong Jewel in a suite with high ceilings, opulent decor, and a private balcony overlooking the river.

Explore the wonders of Peru and Machu Picchu

Peru is an amazing country renowned for its captivating natural wonders and ancient civilizations. Filled with diverse landscapes, rich history and a vibrant culture. The Andes mountains are absolutely breathtaking and provide amazing opportunities for hiking and exploring. On this sixteen-day immersive tour of Peru, you'll sail aboard the beautifully-appointed Aria Amazon river ship with spacious suites and five-star food.

You'll spend two nights in the cosmopolitan capital, Lima before embarking on a trip the famous Inkan civilisation site of Machu Picchu. The ancient ruins amongst the backdrop of the majestic Andes mountains is truly a sight to behold. You'll also enjoy immersive excursions sailing deep into the Amazon Rainforest, where you'll have the chance to see some of the country's diverse wildlife and incredible species of plant and explore the Ucayali and Marañón Rivers in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. Don't' forget to keep your eyes peeled for pink dolphins and Taricaya turtles. Peru is an incredible country with so much to offer just waiting to be explored.

Seek Norway's Aurora Borealis

Seek Norway's Aurora Borealis on this 12-day roundtrip cruise, sailing from Bergen to Kirkenes aboard the environmentally-friendly MS Kong Harald ship. You will sail through hundreds of incredible fjords and majestic mountains, stopping off to visit historic fishing villages and picturesque towns and cities. You'll be joined onboard by expert guides, who will provide insightful lectures throughout your trip and hear fascinating stories about Norway's folklore and the legends of the indigenous Sami people of northern Norway.

A further highlight of the trip is the company of esteemed wildlife cameraman Doug Allan, the winner of five BAFTA awards for his inspiring work on popular documentary shows including Frozen Planet, Ocean Giants, The Blue Planet, and more. He will join you on the trip for three days to give an insightful talk, demonstrate a photography workshop, and accompany you on an arctic coastal walk. He will also be sharing his expert photography tips along the way so that you can capture cherished moments to take home from your wonderful adventure.

Find out more: Seek Norway's Aurora Borealis with expert photographer Doug Allan

Explore Canada’s Maple Leaf trail and see Niagara Falls

Discover all that Canada has to offer on this wonderful ten-day adventure. Explore the country's diverse cities including the cosmopolitan city of Toronto staying on the stunning shores of Lake Ontario.Visit Canada's historic capital of Ottawa, renowned for its Victorian architecture, Grand Parliament buildings and famous Rideau Canal. You'll also spend time in the French Canadian province of Quebec, one of Canada's oldest settlements and have the option to explore the picturesque city of Montreal on a guided tour visiting the pretty Vieux Port area and the lively Plateau Mont Royal and the waterfront.

A real highlight of the trip is spending two nights in Niagara Falls and having the opportunity to get close up to its thundering cascading waters by either sailing on the Hornblower Niagara cruise or take to the skies in a thrilling Helicopter ride. Please note supplements apply for the cruise and helicopter ride. Then journey to the exquisite town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, one of Canada's oldest settlements for a two-night stay, and continue to Toronto to follow the Maple Leaf Trail along Lake Ontario's northern shore soaking in Canada's stunning rural scenery.

Ride Canada's Rocky Mountaineer and cruise Alaska

Journey through Canada and Alaska's wildernesses on this unforgettable 15-night adventure. Experience the beauty of Canada's unique landscapes in Banff and spend a day on Lake Louise admiring the majestic Victoria Glacier. A highlight of the trip is boarding the historic Rocky Mountaineer with a first class train journey through the snow-capped peaks of Canada's Rockies for an unforgettable ride. The train will stop in Vancouver where you'll set sail on an epic seven-night cruise through Alaska's network of winding waterways and stunning fjords. You'll even have the chance to spot some of the country's incredible wildlife including humpback whales, orca, bald eagles and bears.

During your cruise, you'll stop in the state capital city of Juneau, a stylish city surrounded by thick forest that can only be reached by sea or air. You'll also stop at Ketchikan, home to indigenous Alaskan communities where you'll learn about Canadian Native history and traditions. You will also explore the historic sites of the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush on a stop in Skagway. Discover the very best that Alaska and British Columbia have to offer on this incredible journey through Canada's wilderness.