Looking to book that perfect spring break? Don't worry, we have a range of trips that tick all the boxes...

There's nothing more exciting than the start of spring - waving goodbye to the dreaded cold, and hello to lighter mornings and longer days, as well as signs of new life. It's also a great time to book a holiday - perhaps to sunnier climes.

Whatever your interests or wherever your chosen destination, we have a trip for you. Horticulture enthusiasts will appreciate springtime blooms, with the Madeira Flower Festival being held every May. Cruises are popular all year round, but there's something special about sailing during the Spring - whether you're looking for a Bank Holiday break, or a longer voyage - and we have plenty to choose from. Or maybe, you're happy braving the elements and long for an adventure through the Swiss Alps, taking in an iconic train ride or two. We even have staycations, if you're aiming to explore more of our own beautiful isles, with plenty of tours around the UK - ideal for spotting wildlife or taking in history and culture.

If you're yet to book that spring holiday, we've rounded up some of our favourite destinations and tours to get you started.

a field of tulips with windmills in the background

Spring in the perfect time of year to visit the Netherlands. The temperatures are milder, the flower fields come alive with a burst of colour and the frequent sunshine makes it ideal for exploring - whether by boat along the canals, by bike or by foot. While many flock to Amsterdam or the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, just travel through the countryside, and you'll soon appreciate the masses of multicolour flower fields.

The warmer weather encourages travellers to linger and truly immerse themselves in what each Dutch city has to offer. From Amsterdam's eclectic collection of museums and galleries to the harbour city of Rotterdam and lively Utrecht, home to numerous canals and parks. Spring also marks a public holiday - King's Day - and you can guarantee that the streets will be filled with revellers in colourful clothing, celebrating. Expect street food vans, music and entertainment, and market stalls.

We recommend:

a large building with a lawn and trees

Why travel abroad when you can explore the British Isles? While we maybe can't guarantee the weather, we do know there's plenty to appreciate - from stunning coastlines and countryside, to castles, palaces and historic houses. The springtime often sees places open after the winter and with flowers in bloom and wonderful wildlife out of hibernation, a heritage train ride or scenic cruise is a great way to tick off multiple destinations all in one trip.

Whether you're looking to take in some culture on a city break, to be beside the seaside, to discover country parks and glorious gardens, or soak up natural wonders, there are so many villages, towns and cities to visit. Some of our favourites include the Cotswolds, Norfolk Broads, Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, and Scotland's Highlands and Islands.

We recommend:

white buildings with conical roofs with Alberobello in the background

While Italy is a destination that can be enjoyed all year round, during the spring months, you can expect fewer crowds, but still the vibrancy and energy that its cities possess. Flowers are in bloom, and you'll notice that mountain ranges start to lose their snowy peaks. If you're wanting to tick off lots of destinations in one go, visiting by train is a fantastic idea - Italy has a really good rail network, that even crosses the border to Switzerland.

It might be too cold to visit the beaches, but Italy's Lakes have a mesmerising aura - sit alfresco in a wine bar or trattoria in one of the small villages and towns, watching the waters glisten in the sunlight, and the feel of peace. Simply enjoy life at a slower pace as you watch the world go by, and it's easy to see why so many people fall in love with Italy - the food, wine and landscapes.

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a building with colourful garlands in the sky

Portugal is another destination which can be appreciated all year round, but it's the warmer weather that makes it a top pick for the spring. That, and the flowers in bloom. Just north of the Canary Islands, you'll find Madeira - dubbed the "floating garden of Atlantic", it's home to numerous botanical gardens, and particularly in spring, the island makes a fantastic escape. Each year, there's the Madeira Flower Festival, which celebrates nature and its garden become even more colourful and exuberant!

Similarly, head to the mainland and you'll find spring blossoms, golden sands and lush vineyards. It's a good time for a city break, with warmer temperatures and fewer crowds. Explore magnificent monasteries, fairytale castles and take in the stunning landscapes of the coastlines. Or head to capital, Lisbon for a taste of history and culture - it's a city that's easily navigated on foot, with narrow cobbled streets, rolling hills and riverside views.

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a small village next to a lake

Although it still may be chilly, visiting Switzerland during spring is a magical experience. The signs of winter start to disappear, and the valleys start to become lusher and more colourful, with foliage and flora. You'll see the first glimmers of sunshine glisten on the waters of lakeside towns such as Lugano, with promenade cafés the perfect spot for taking in the views - the peaks of the Alps will no doubt still be snow-capped, but there's so much to discover.

If time is on your side, or your tour allows, cross the border to visit Italy, France or Germany. We recommended our Bernina Express tour above, which takes in the stunning Italian lakes, but there are so many options to choose from. Alternatively, visit the mountain resort of Zermatt, or head to Zurich for the city's Spring Festival, where you can enjoy the colourful parades and festivities.

We recommend:

  • Travel on the Glacier Express through the stunning Swiss Alps on this five-day tour
a snowy mountain with trees and a lake

We love Canada during the springtime - with wildlife emerging from their lengthy hibernation, lakes started to unfreeze and forests and wildflowers beginning to show colour, expect blue skies and sunnier days. Its landscapes are majestic all year round, with the Canadian Rockies a particular highlight, as well as waterfalls and raging rivers.

Wildlife spotting must be high on a travellers' bucket list trip to Canada and spring is an ideal time to spot bears (black bears in March and April; grizzlies in May), as well as humpback whales and a whole host of birdlife. A great way to see its iconic animals while ticking off multiple destinations is with a journey on the Rocky Mountaineer. This iconic train begins reoperating in April, and with four routes to choose from, provides a memorable experience.

We recommend:

a japanese shrine in the water

Japan in spring immediately conjures up images of cherry blossom season - a massive draw to travellers visiting at this time of year. But spring is also a great time to visit for the slightly warmer weather, lush greenery and outdoor escapades. The Northernmost island Hokkaido may still be chillier, with its ski resorts still open and mountains topped with snow - as well as the Japanese Alps that traverse across the island of Honshu - but signs of spring are in abundance.

An escorted tour is the best way to take in all that Japan has to offer at this time of year - not only the magnificent cherry blossom (a real once-in-a-lifetime experience), but the blooms that follows (including plum blossom, azalea and hydrangea). Take time to immerse yourself in culture, from sampling the delicious food and drink and trying your hand at traditional handicrafts. Also, while you're here, be sure to ride the bullet train!

We recommend:

  • This 14-night cruise of Japan departing May 2025 takes in the cherry blossom
  • Traverse the Japanese Alps between Tokyo and Osaka on an incredible land-based tour

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